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Work-Related Injuries

Chiropractic care can be a complete solution to many injuries we see sustained on the job. Whether it is a relatively simple strain or sprain, a chronic condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome, or a serious acute injury resulting in a herniated or slipped disc, the professional chiropractic and physical therapy staff at Precision Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine are imminently qualified to help bring you relief from the pain caused by your injuries.

Workplace Injury: Stress from Repetitive Movement

Even more common than acute injuries such as falls and machinery-related incidents, we see repetitive injuries sustained in office environments much more frequently. These repetitive injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), are more typical than construction industry accidents but can be just as debilitating.

Computer-Related Back and Neck Pain Can be Remedied

Office workers are experiencing more and more pain due to hours spent sitting at computers. This type of work, done hour after hour, day after day, causes stiffness, low back pain, as well as pain in the neck that is commonly referred to as “text neck.” Constantly looking down at mobile devices or computer monitors that are positioned too low is a frequent and common neck ailment.

Injuries Resulting from Overuse – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A recurring complaint we hear from our patients is that they are experiencing a burning sensation or difficulty gripping objects. This type of injury is often the result of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Due to long, uninterrupted hours of typing and writing, these repetitive motions cause swelling around the median nerve. That swelling manifests into inflammation of the tissue and pressure on the nerve and can be not only painful but also debilitating, leaving once productive office workers unable to perform their work and continue making a living.

Herniated Disc as a Result of a Workplace Injury

Even low-impact office jobs can produce acute injuries as well as chronic ones. A few drops of water on a break-room floor are sufficient to produce a devastating slip-and-fall injury, leaving the victim suffering from neck pain, back pain or headaches, including migraines.

Acute Injury Resulting from Heavy Lifting

Lifting a box of paper or file folders can be all it takes to exert excessive strain on the low back, neck, knees and shoulders. Contrary to what you may have heard, lifting a 40-pound box of nails isn’t the only risk one might encounter in a place of work. A work-related injury can be just as easily caused by moving, twisting or bending incorrectly, as it can on a construction site with ladders and heavy machinery to navigate.

Workers' Compensation Specialists

If you have been injured on the job, you are entitled to financial remuneration for your medical care, lost wages and related losses.  However, workers’ compensation claims are often denied due to improper or incomplete work injury treatment or medical documentation. Visit the offices of Precision Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine for a complete program to see you through the recovery of your work-related injury.

We Are Here to Get You Back on Your Feet

The chiropractic team at Precision Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine will methodically evaluate all of your symptoms, from those experienced by your musculoskeletal structure to those that present as neurological indications. We have the diagnostic equipment to accurately diagnose your condition and the experienced professionals on staff to customize treatment therapies to suit your particular circumstance. Whether that is a series of chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, working to formulate and carry out rehabilitation exercises or a combination of these, we can correct your alignment, ease muscle tension, and relieve nerve pressure, helping you heal quickly and getting you out of pain as fast as possible.