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What to Do if You’re Injured in a Pedestrian Accident

Ending up in a pedestrian accident can be a very confusing and traumatic experience. How you respond will have a big impact on your recovery and legal results. This guide will provide an outline of the mandatory steps you should take from getting medical help first to reporting the accident right to the authorities. Knowing your rights, and what you are eligible for is crucial in getting better and getting the compensation you deserve.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Health comes first after being involved in a pedestrian accident. Even if your injuries do not appear serious, it is important that you seek immediate medical treatment. While some injuries are visible, others are not apparent immediately, but can have long-term effects if not identified and treated early. First aid can be given at the scene by emergency responders, but it would be beneficial to see a hospital or your primary care physician for an all-around evaluation. Getting prompt medical care also establishes a record of what injuries were suffered for any potential legal claims later on.

Report the Accident to Authorities

The first calls should always be to your medical help followed then by the authorities. Make sure to contact the local police for this to be able to be logged as an official report. If you file an insurance claim or have a lawsuit, this report will be an important piece of evidence. Make sure that you accurately and specifically describe the incident, including when and where it occurred and any details that you have of the driver and the vehicle involved. Testimony from any witnesses might be equally important.

Understand Insurance Coverage

Most people don’t know that the insurance still covers passengers of the at-fault driver. If you were a pedestrian and a car hit you, that driver is going to (hopefully) pay for your medical bills because it was their fault. This knowledge that a large portion of your medical bills will be potentially covered by insurance can give you some level of financial relief when facing treatments and recovery. You should contact, both, your company and the at-fault drivers company to ensure that you are following necessary procedures so every time the claims can be processed furthermore.

Gather Evidence and Document Everything

Good documentation can be very strong evidence in your favor if you have to escalate to legal action. Capture Photos of the Scene of The Accident, Your Injuries, and Any Property Damage. Obtain the names and contact information for any witnesses and ask for copies of your medical records and accident reports. It is also a good idea to keep an accurate record of all of your expenses following an accident including medical bills, transportation costs and loss of wages. This evidence will back up what you are arguing and/or prove your case to receive fair compensation.

Consult a Legal Professional

After a pedestrian accident, you may have to navigate compensation from the insurance companies and legal action, if the circumstances dictate. A personal injury lawyer can offer you expert advice and representation. By getting the help of a legal professional, you will be able to understand your rights, gauge how strong your case is, and have someone who knows how to negotiate with insurance companies. In some instances, your first consultation with a personal injury attorney may be free of charge, allowing you to investigate your alternatives without upfront expense.

Focus on Your Recovery

There is more to recovering from a pedestrian accident than a physical recovery. Just as important are the emotional and psychological impacts. Ask your close friends, family or professionals like counselors for help to cope with your stress, anxiety. In the meantime, you are encouraged to rest and complete your prescribed physical therapy to achieve a smooth recovery phase. The most important thing to remember is that freedom from “injury,” in the mental/emotional sense is as important as the release of physical injury.

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The experience of being involved in a pedestrian crash may be traumatic, but knowing what to do will help you to manage this difficult situation. Protecting your health and rights, by prioritizing medical care, reporting the accident, understanding insurance coverage, documenting everything, getting legal consultation, focusing on the recovery. With awareness, preparation and negotiation, what might have been a traumatic event under the best circumstances can at least become a fairly smooth process, and you should be well taken care of throughout and compensated with money as you need.

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