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Neck Pain at Precision PT & Sports Medicine

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Were you in a car accident? Experiencing Whiplash? Text Neck? Arthritis? Neck Pain can come from out of nowhere. One day you wake up and turning your head one way or the other can cause excruciating stabs of pain down your neck into your arm or back. There are a number of causes, but at Precision PT & Med, we are trained to read X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and Nerve Conduction Tests so we can get to the cause of your pain and get you on the road to recovery—FAST! If you feel like you’ve exhausted all options and still have no relief from pain, come talk to us about the unique set of solutions offered at Precision PT & Med.

Workman's Comp

*No Cost

  • On your first visit you will meet with a medical provider
  • Save time with our full service case management
  • Exam, consultation, and advanced imaging referrals if needed
  • Attorney referrals if needed
  • Medical managed physical therapy

Personal Injury

*No Cost

  • Exam and Advanced Referrals
  • Physical Assessment & Consultation
  • Attorney referrals if needed
  • Medical managed physical therapy and chiropractic visits
  • We offer non-opioid mail order
  • pharmaceuticals if needed

Neck pain has long been synonymous with automobile accidents and “whiplash.” Today, we have new, additional stressors being put on the neck in the form of technology. Combine these with aging concerns such as degenerative disc disease and arthritis and you start to see a fairly full picture of the issues surrounding the neck.

Symptoms Associated with a Neck Condition

Neck Pain, also called “Cervical Pain,” can be the product of any number of conditions involving structures of the neck. Depending on the condition, sometimes neck pain is accompanied by symptoms such as upper back and/or lower back pain, which are related to inflammation of the spine.

Symptoms associated with some form of neck pain include:

Possible Causes of Neck Pain

If you’ve recently been involved in an automobile or work-related accident, it is likely that you know exactly what is causing your pain; however, when there has been no apparent trauma, it can be more difficult to pin point. There are numerous issues that can cause symptoms, and it is important to see an experienced chiropractic doctor to get a full and proper evaluation. Our doctors are trained to read X-rays, MRIs, Nerve Conduction Tests, and CT scans. Common conditions that we treat are:

Treating Neck Pain with Chiropractic Care

Many patients come to us after trying a multitude of other options. What they appreciate about Precision Physical Therapy and Sports Medicineis our ability to offer comprehensive treatment options, all in one place. Neck trauma due to an automobile accident has a completely different treatment approach than degenerative disc disease. You need to be cared for in an environment where you are treated as an individual with a unique set of conditions and solutions. Our team approach and specialized care plans have an extremely high success rate, even for patients who felt like they have exhausted all other options.  The services we can offer, but are not limited to:

Dr. Raiffie and the trained technicians at Precision Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine offer an integrative approach to chronic neck pain. Neck pain caused by auto accidents, muscle strain, and repetitive motion can be effectively treated, reducing pain and discomfort from your neck and improving your overall health and well-being.