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After a wreck or sports injury, some patients travel to a wide variety of doctors. Unfortunately, doctors aren’t often speaking to each other or even treating at the same time. What if medicine was different? What if instead of pulling a patient in a million different directions doctors worked as a team? No egos. No right way. No wrong way. Just the best treatment for the patient. Our body isn’t made up of just bones or muscles. All of these parts work together, so isn’t it only fitting healthcare do the same?

At Precision Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine we believe healthcare should take a team approach.  Combining the best of sports medicine, physical therapy and chiropractic we provide our patients the most comprehensive, convenient care possible.  Whether it’s whiplash or arthritis, we rely on open communication and collaboration to utilize the variety of resources and expertise available to meet and exceed our patients’ goals.  Our team’s mission is to eliminate pain, restore function and get you back to peak performance without the use of potentially harmful drugs or major surgeries.